Emiliana Ammirata

   2. JEVA 

  1. Frontera
  2. La Causa 
  3. Co.vida Archives
  4. The Round Up
  5. Life Without Water
  6. Growing up

  1. Gucci x Garage Magazine
  2. La Gloria
  3. Patria & Muerte
  4. Andrew Winghart
  5. Sugar
  6. La Casa Quebrada
  7. Vista Kicks 


Emiliana is an independent director + producer from Venezuela currently based out of London. After migrating to the United States at 17, she made it her mission to create impact based storytelling. Collectively, her projects have been supported by fellowships with the Sundance Institute, Adobe, La Biennale Di Venezia, VULCAN and the Impact Guild.


3. Co.Vida_Archives | Interactive experiment

An Interactive Project
From Emiliana Ammirata, Maia Benaim & Edwin Corona Ramos 

Co.VIDA_Archives aims to document the way in which we are globally experiencing isolation during the current pandemic. Relying on interactive media and community engagement, its goal is to maintain a collective memory of our living history,

How do we collectively record this moment of history through the use of our devices?