Emiliana Ammirata

   2. JEVA 

  1. Frontera
  2. La Causa 
  3. Co.vida Archives
  4. The Round Up
  5. Life Without Water
  6. Growing up

  1. Gucci x Garage Magazine
  2. La Gloria
  3. Patria & Muerte
  4. Andrew Winghart
  5. Sugar
  6. La Casa Quebrada
  7. Vista Kicks 


Emiliana is an independent director + producer from Venezuela currently based out of London. After migrating to the United States at 17, she made it her mission to create impact based storytelling. Collectively, her projects have been supported by fellowships with the Sundance Institute, Adobe, La Biennale Di Venezia, VULCAN and the Impact Guild.


DISCORDIA is an independent, female-founded artist-driven studio & production company that focuses on creating and supporting work by those who seek refuge in images.

Filmmakers and frequent collaborators Gia Rigoli︎, Emiliana Ammirata︎, Veronica Kompalic︎ & Esteban Zuluaga︎founded DISCORDIA in 2019 out of an urge to foster talent and support work from underrepresented voices from the international community with a focus on Latin America. Collectively, and as partners, they have gained support from renowned organizations such as the Sundance Institute, La Biennale di Venezia, Berlinale Talents, Rotterdam, Film Independent, the Student Academy Awards, the Producers Guild of America, HBO, NALIP and more.

Their films have premiered and won awards at festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival, HBO Ibero-American awards at the Miami Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival,  American Film Festival, Manchester Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, Oaxaca Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, Denver Film Festival, and more.