Emiliana Ammirata

+ founder
   2. JEVA 

+ documentary
  1. Frontera
  2. La Causa 
  3. Co.vida Archives
  4. Life Without Water
  5. Growing Up

+ fiction
  1. Gucci x Garage Magazine
  2. La Gloria
  3. Patria & Muerte
  4. Andrew Winghart
  5. Sugar
  6. La Casa Quebrada
  7. Vista Kicks 

Emiliana is an independent filmmaker from Venezuela with a vocation to create impact based storytelling. 


1. FRONTERA | a virtual reality experience

From La Biennale Di Venezia and Immersly 

    Frontera immerses you in the world of Maria, a single mother from Venezuela who is migrating in order to save her children from the crisis. In this experience, you will live her story and accompany her in her journey. You will be able to interact with the few objects she carries and unfold her past to then discover her future.

    Frontera aims to bridge the understanding into why migrants leave home, what pulls them into new frontiers and what kind of decisions they have to make to get there. This experience will change the way you see migrants and displaced peoples forever. By erasing the limits between a 2D screen and the user, and providing you with a space to interact with Maria and her past, we believe that a deeper sense of empathy can be gained. This empathy and understanding can be a strong catalyst for action.