Emiliana Ammirata

+ founder
   2. JEVA 

+ documentary
  1. Frontera
  2. La Causa 
  3. Co.vida Archives
  4. Life Without Water
  5. Growing Up

+ fiction
  1. Gucci x Garage Magazine
  2. La Gloria
  3. Patria & Muerte
  4. Andrew Winghart
  5. Sugar
  6. La Casa Quebrada
  7. Vista Kicks 

Emiliana is an independent filmmaker from Venezuela with a vocation to create impact based storytelling. 


5. Life without water | Short VR documentary

Written by Helena Carpio
Directed and shot by Emiliana Ammirata

Comissioned VR documentary adapted to'flat' format. The piece aided the investigative journalism piece by PRO DAVINCI on living without water in Venezuela. The investigation won the best prize for innovative journalism in the country.

Watch here