Emiliana Ammirata

+ founder
   2. JEVA 

+ documentary
  1. Frontera
  2. La Causa 
  3. Co.vida Archives
  4. Life Without Water
  5. Growing Up

+ fiction
  1. Gucci x Garage Magazine
  2. La Gloria
  3. Patria & Muerte
  4. Andrew Winghart
  5. Sugar
  6. La Casa Quebrada
  7. Vista Kicks 

Emiliana is an independent filmmaker from Venezuela with a vocation to create impact based storytelling. 


2. La Causa - feature documentary 


Directed by Andrés Figueredo
Written by Andrés Figueredo & Jose Ostos
Produced by Andrés Figueredo, Gabriela Rodriguez & Emiliana Ammirata 

   “La Causa” shares the lives of the men inside the lawless state of the Venezuelan penitentiary system. The system in place is not the government’s, but rather the prison’s own rule of law, authority, tax, and culture: La CausaLa Causa is the name that the prisoners gave to the system inside the prisons —aptly, it also translates to “the cause”, as this system is anything but systematic — it is a cause, a way of surviving daily life, and a plea for help.

    The documentary infiltrates the prison’s walls to uncover how they came to be ruled from the inside by kingpins, while the government and guards stay outside the walls.  Until 2011 when the government attempted to regain control of the prisons from the kingpin in a brutal massacre, their failure has allowed the prisons to be self-governing entities. The film documents this past decade, going deep into the criminal underworld that dominates La Causa, and gaining access to the prison’s leadership.