Emiliana Ammirata

Emi is a Venezuelan filmmaker based in London, UK.  Her work spans from independent film to commercials. 

She is the co-founder of production company DISCORDIA, based in LA and London. 

Emi also co-founded non-profit organisation, JEVA, focused on supporting Venezuelan women in the arts. 

Los Capitulos Perdidos (2024) 
Feature Film 

Director: Lorena Alvarado
Role: Co-Producer

After spending a number of years abroad, Ena has returned to Venezuela. As her grandmother gradually loses her memory, her father collects rare books in order to preserve his country’s literary heritage. In one of the books, Ena discovers a mysterious postcard, which she uses to track down a long-forgotten author from Caracas.

Screened at FIDMarseille, FilmFest Munich, Locarno Film Festival

trailer here